Meeting Minutes 5/4/17

Kevin Villatoro starts meeting at 1:08pm. Topic 1: Student Show/Open House 4 people will be selling at the Student Show/Open House. Jarno De Bar suggest we present our portfolios on our tables during the Student Show/Open House. Topic 2: Study Guides Kevin Villatoro suggest we make study guides/how to’s/do’s and don’ts for our different majors/emphasis…… Continue reading Meeting Minutes 5/4/17

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3/23/17

Kevin Villatoro, President, calls meeting at 1:02 pm. Topic 1: Club Mixer Kevin Villatoro, Ana Jimenez, Seo Chang, Michael Lewis Miller, Daniel Carter, and other club members not mentioned went to the club mixer last Thursday, 3/16/17. They came back and reported to the club that it was a success. There was no specifications as…… Continue reading Meeting Minutes 3/23/17