Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Michael Lewis Miller called the club to order at 1:45pm 2/23/17.

Club voting and deciding on officer positions.

Roger Fuentes nominates himself to be treasurer and Ashley seconds this.
Ashley Glover nominates herself to be secretary and Dani seconds this.
Dani Cuevas nominates herself to be Vice President and Ana and Daniel seconds this.
Kevin Villatoro nominates himself to be President and Dani seconds this.

Club now votes if they agree to have these members fill these officer positions.

Majority approve.
None disdain.

Kevin Villatoro and Roger Fuentes will be helping set up and design the club display case.

Daniel Carter agreed to be at the table for club rush on Tuesday and Thursday from approximately 10 to 1pm.

Roger Fuentes presented his artwork from his instagram page and gave his artist statement. Members gave feedback and comments. Roger D Fuentes Instagram

Kevin Villatoro adjourned the meeting at 2pm .

Featured image is “Deception With No Edges” sculpture by Roger D Fuentes 


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