Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3/1/17

Kevin Villatoro called the meeting to order at 1pm on 3/1/17.

Topic 1: CLUB RUSH

Some of our amazing members of the Studio 2 Street club, Ana Jimenez, Daniel Carter, Dani Cuevas, and Kevin Villatoro, sat at a table during Club Rush on Tuesday 2/28/17 and 3/2/17 from 10am to 1pm to help recruit new members. They have given us feedback about their experience with Club Rush on the pros and cons to help us be better prepared for next semester’s Club Rush!


  • Bad Communication
  • No banner for the table on the first day of Club Rush
  • Unprepared
  • Location on the first day had little to no traffic
  • No tent to shade from the sun during the entirety of Club Rush
  • Nothing to use to engage students to approach the table

Pros/Things That Worked

  • Artist portfolios on the table
  • Having the banner on the last day
  • Interacting with people
  • Location on the last day had good foot traffic and managed to recruit some new members


  • Variety of mediums
    • Sculpture
    • Actual artwork to have on the table
  • More portfolios from different artists with various amounts of experience
    • Artists just starting out
    • Artists who have lots of experience in their work for a while
  • Need a better Sales Pitch
  • More Displays on the table
    • Decorations
    • Displays
    • Artwork

Topic  2: Club Activities Calendar for the Semester

As a club we discussed possible events and activities for the rest of the semester to give a good outline to be ready to prepare. A complete calendar will be drawn up listing all the events discussed.

Events listed on the calendar thus far: Otis Representative Recruiting, holding exhibitions at Crafted in San Pedro, The San Pedro Art Walk, Summer Studies Art Academy,  Redondo Beach Pier Galleries, Hermosa Beach Pier Avenue, 7th St in San Pedro, and Student Show Open House, a deadline for the members of the club to submit art proposals for murals in the Student Activities Center, Margaret Lazzari portfolio talk, and dates for members of the club to present their portfolios or artwork in progress to the club for feedback.

Topic 3: Art Contest

The secretary, Ashley Glover, has brought to the meeting an opportunity to submit proposals for murals to be painted in the Student Activities Center on their white walls. There will be multiple winners and all the supplies will be funded. The members during this club meeting were the first to hear about this event and were given a head start to begin thinking of ideas and submitting proposals to the Student Development Office in the Student Development Center due to their membership and participation in the club.

Topic 4: Proposal 

A proposal to have the logo for the Studio 2 Street club to be changed has been made by Jarno. This motion was 2nd by Seo and Roger Fuentes.

Members of the club are encouraged to design a new logo for the club and have a photo of it or for it to be digital art so it can be readily and easily put onto the class computer and projected so the club may vote on the design they like best.

Topic 5: New Club Cover Photo

A suggestion to take a new photo of the members of the club during the remaining club time was put up for a vote.

9 voted yes.

6 voted no.

The motion passes based on the votes and we went outside and the club advisor, Professor Michael Lewis Miller, took a new photo for the club’s Facebook cover page.

Featured image is by Marc Anthony Fasulo “Mysterious Abstractions” Graphite on paper Feburary 23, 2017 Marc Anthony Fasulo’s Page


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