Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3/16/17

jarno 2

Kevin Villatoro calls the meeting at 1:05pm.

Topic 1: Club Officer Orientation

Ana Jimenez, ICC Rep, and Kevin Villatoro, Club President, attended the Club Officer Orientation on 3/10/17 and they told the important things they noted

  • To host an event the paperwork needs to be submitted 6 weeks in advance
    • Food to be given out or sold during the event needs to be store bought and information of the store that the food was bought from is needed as well
  • Lottery/Raffles are not allowed but a club can have a Giveaway
    • Money or gift cards cannot be the prize

Topic 2: Club Banner

Kevin Villatoro suggested a change to how the banner should be redesigned. Since he is the club president Jarno set his suggestion into a motion.

The idea is to take the club banner and divide it up and give a specific section to each club member to stylize in their unique way. Once done, all the pieces of the template will be collected and scanned to piece together and print out a new banner.

This motion went into effect with a 10 to 0 vote.

Kevin Villatoro offered to print out and divide up a large template of the banner to be distributed to club members to work on.

Topic 3: CRAFTED Update

Jarno will be having a meeting on Friday 3/17/17 with Koya Anderson about getting a table in CRAFTED for the club.

A head count was taken for an estimate of how many artists will be selling/display their work. The estimated head count at the moment is 12 people. A new head count will be taken during the next club to allow for members who could not show up to the last meeting or showed up late to still join in. This is just for an approximation to tell the CRAFTED staff and to estimate our table space.

Topic 4: Updates, Questions, Reminders, Off Topic Discussion

Torrance Cherry Blossom Festival

Seo has informed us that she tried applying for a table at the Torrance Cherry Blossom Festival coming up on March 26 and she has told us that the tables are no longer free. Due to popular demand, tables are now $30.

Club Mixer

A reminder to all club members that the club mixer is at 5 pm to 7 pm on 3/15/17 and that is actually in the East Dining Room above the Book Store. Unfortunately, Ashley, the secretary has been posting and telling everyone the wrong location by getting it confused with the East Lounge in the Activity Center. Luckily, some very responsible club members, Dani and Ana, who pay attention to the fliers around campus and take notes told her and showed her these fliers very kindly due to her stubbornness and disbelief.

Club members attending the club mixer got their ribbons ready and Seo volunteered to go home and come back with pins for these ribbons for the members attending the club mixer. They all agreed to meet back up at room 131 to meet Seo with the pins before they all head off to the mixer. The next club meeting will have updates on the events and interactions that took place during the mixer.

Group Text

Seo made a group text for the club on the App GroupMe. Anyone who has an account should send their email or phone number associated with the account to Seo on FaceBook to be added to the group text.

Banners For Other Club

Ana Jimenez has managed to contact the nursing club and gained their interest in wanting a newly designed banner! This was discussed between her and their club before the mixer so she was getting ahead of the game!

Topic 5: New Club Logo

9 Logos were voted on during the club and a logo by an artist who was not there during the meeting was the most popular. An image of this logo will be cleaned up and used as the logo for the club blog and other club events for the spring semester. An image of the logo will be put up next week. All logos that were voted on are on the club Facebook page.

Kevin Villatoro ends the meeting at 1:50pm

Featured images are paintings by Jarno De Bar. 


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