Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3/23/17

Kevin Villatoro, President, calls meeting at 1:02 pm.

Topic 1: Club Mixer

Kevin Villatoro, Ana Jimenez, Seo Chang, Michael Lewis Miller, Daniel Carter, and other club members not mentioned went to the club mixer last Thursday, 3/16/17. They came back and reported to the club that it was a success. There was no specifications as to what exactly was a success but it was a success and we won.

Topic 2: CRAFTED

Jarno has updated us with news about CRAFTED, he tells us that a spot would be 10 ft x 10 ft and it would be $325 per month for a minimum of 6 months. There would need to be at least 1 person representing the club at the booth every day that CRAFTED is open, Friday – Sunday, or else we would pay a fine. In addition, there needs to be a credit card on file in case the rent is not paid or late.

Members can teach a class or do commission or contract work for CRAFTED but it was not said if by doing this the rent would be discounted or alleviated in any way. Due to these new details we are no longer wanting to have a space in CRAFTED especially due to the 6 month commitment. We we will now be looking for a new place to have our Spring Break Exhibition.

Updated Semester Calendar: 

Studio 2 street sp 17 update 1

Topic 3: Spring Break Exhibition Event 

Due to the new details about CRAFTED the club decided to find a new location for our Spring Break Exhibition. Here will be a list of possible locations for club members to look into. We encourage club members to go to any of these places and ask about a possible spot for the club to have an exhibition, if you have other places not listed in mind you are encouraged to go and propose the idea of having an exhibition there to the owners or management.

Listed below are possible locations for our Spring Break Exhibition and members who have volunteered to reach out to these locations:

  • Summer Studios -> Jarno De Bar
  • Coffee House
  • Sacred Grounds, San Pedro -> Dani Cuevas and Ana Jimenez
  • Angel’s Gate
  • Art Galleries on 7th St, San Pedro
  • Street Artwalks
  • Palos Verdes Faires -> Rayge
  • Art Walk, Long Beach [every 2nd Saturday. $50 per table] -> Nicole Casares
  • Java Man, Hermosa -> Jarno De Bar
  • Fair Fax High School [every Saturday] -> Kevin Villatoro

Topic 4: Important Reminders

BEFORE THE NEXT CLUB MEETING, 3/30/17, CLUB MEMBERS NEED TO UPLOAD THEIR ARTWORK TO THE STUDIO 2 STREET FACEBOOK PAGE. [if a member does not have a Facebook page they are encouraged to email the club Secretary or other club members to upload their images on their behalf]

BEFORE GOING TO ANY EXHIBITIONS, WHETHER IT IS ONE THAT THE CLUB IS HOLDING OR ONE YOU CHOOSE TO APPLY TO ON YOUR OWN, MEMBERS NEED TO HAVE AN ARTIST STATEMENT AND ARTIST RESUME READY FOR THE SHOW. [those who are not sure about their resume or statements can ask other members or the club advisor for help editing what they have. Members can also ask on the Facebook page wall for help or see the page for any possible resources to help.]

Artspace: Artist Resume Help

Margaret Lazzari: The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artist *

*This is a link to buy the book on Ebay, if it no longer available from this link simple search the title on the Ebay search bar. The book costs $3. The enhanced edition costs a lot more but they are the same thing. This has loads of helpful stuff for artists of all types.

Topic 5: Myriad

Deadine: April 7, 1017

You can submit:
3 Artworks
3 Poems
1 Short Story
1 Screenplay

The Myriad gets published so any work you have in it can be put under the Publications part of your artist resume! How awesome is that?

Topic 6: Artist Portfolio – Brittany Lollis

This is Brittany’s first time presenting her portfolio in front of a group of people and talking about it. She attended the  School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) presentation and presented her portfolio to that school’s representative and got some feedback but she wanted more opinions and suggestions.
She did a great job presenting, especially since this is her first time doing that! Her art is beautiful and her aesthetic is sci-fi and cosmic stuff, she says. Her artwork is a combination of pencil and digital art. She does beautiful character design. She showed us her personal artwork and commissions she did. To see more of her work here are links to her portfolio and Facebook.

Suggestions and Feedback from club members:

  • Talk louder and make more eye contact with the audience
  • Look between the eyes of her audience to help gain confidence and fake confidence to help with her shyness.
  • Have confidence to charge what you are worth. Charge at least a good hourly rate and include time spent planning, thinking, and researching for the commission [she is currently charging $20 – 40 per commission]

Featured Images are all by Brittany Lollis, more of her artworks can be seen from her online portfolio.

Featured Image:
“Bubblehead” by Brittany Lollis [Graphite and Digital]

3 Images at the top of the page:
“Urobolus Revolution” by Brittany Lollis [Digital]
“Ya” by Brittany Lollis [Digital]
“Candlelight Vigil” by Brittany Lollis [Graphite]

4 Images under Topic 6:
“Tattoo Concept” by Brittany Lollis [Digital]
“Capricomm” by Brittany Lollis [Digital] 2015
“The Impaler” by Brittany Lollis [Graphite and Digital]
“Duality” by Brittany Lollis [Graphite and Digital]


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