Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 4/11/17

Kevin Villatoro starts the meeting at 1pm.

Topic 1: Open House

5 people are planning to go to the Open House and 2 people are planning to sell, not counting those posting on Facebook asking to sell. We agree that the members posting on Facebook can join and sell, we will make space for them.

Set up will be at 3pm and 4 people will come early to help set up. Those planning to host a table, sell, or display art should bring their portfolios to show what kind of art they do.

Since there will be other events going on during the Open House we will be working the room in shifts. The Student Show is from 5 – 8pm.

Kevin Villatoro plans to help from after 6:30pm – 8pm
Ashley Glover plans to help from 5-7pm
Sumi Li plans to help from 5-7pm
Yueying plans to help from 7-8pm
Daniel Carter plans to help from 6-8pm
Ana Jimenez is backup incase no one is there or needs a break.
*These are approximations and others attending have not given their approximate times they will be helping. Members are not required to stick strictly to this schedule.

It is recommended to bring your own tablecloth for the Open House to have a nicer display for your art.

Topic 2: Portfolio

Kevin Villatoro reluctantly shows his portfolio.
He does a lot of sculpture, sketches, and marker illustrations and character design.
After presenting his portfolio criticisms were made, it was recommended that he cleans up his formatting on his portfolio. He needs to have a uniform format for his dates, measurements, and the order in which he lists them. Furthermore, he needs to list the actual material he used and leave out descriptions explaining that certain works are unfinished or sketches because that is unprofessional. Finally, he needs to take better quality pictures of his art or scan them and not have multiple works share the same title.

Topic 3: The Next Exhibition

Jarno De Bar suggested that we do another exhibition after the Student Show/Open House like a guerilla exhibit or a gallery in an envelope.

We agreed quickly that this is a good idea and next Thursday members are encouraged to bring ideas for themes and we will vote on a theme.
The art in an envelope will consist of multiple large copy paper sized envelopes and it is the intent that these envelopes will be given out to people so artists need to consider the size of the envelope to decide what kind of work they plan to submit. It can all be different and original or it can all be copies of the same art for all the envelopes.
The number of envelopes and more details will be added next Thursday.

Kevin Villatoro ends the meeting at 2pm.

Featured image is an illustration by Kevin Villatoro.


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