Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 4/20/17

Kevin Villatoro Starts meeting at 1:01pm.

Topic 1: Reminders

Michael Miller reminds us that tomorrow Margaret Lazzari will be presenting in this room, 131. Tuesday April 25 Otis will be coming from 1 – 2pm in this room, Rm 131, and afterwards they will be willing to look at artist portfolios.

Topic 2: College Night/Resource Faire

Kevin Villatoro brings up an email he got from ICC a couple days ago. Next Wednesday from 5:30 – 8pm there will be an event held above the bookstore and we are invited to host a table to promote our club and recruit new members. We plan to promote the club and the open house where we will be selling. Those planning to host the table should display club members portfolios and some should have estimate prices on prints or originals they intend to sell.
We have a vote whether or not to RSVP and reserve a table for our club.
5 vote yes, 0 vote no, 3 vote maybe
We will be attending the event and working in shifts when we can go.

Topic 3: Open House/Student Show

Kevin Villatoro is asking for a head count on who will be selling and the current progress on the projects that will be planned to be sold at the open house.
6 people plan to possibly sell during the open house and 4 people are working on the old t-shirts to repurpose and sell.


  • Is there a limit to how much we can sell or display?
  • Can we display pieces?

Topic 4: Warrior Games

Ana Jimenez is discussing an upcoming ICC event called Warrior Games. She wants a head count for who intends to participate but no one wants to participate.

Warrior Games
Friday, April 21 at 12-2pm
Library Lawn

Topic 5: Portfolio

Nicole Casares will be presenting her work. She recently got accepted to the Coding Academy and she will be starting in a couple weeks so this is her 2nd to last meeting she will be attending before she heads off to attend her program to be certified in web development. She has a motion graphic designer/animator BA from Long Beach

She showed her website that displayed her works into different categories, all mediums and her resume. While displaying her website she explained to us that she has moved 16 times when she was younger and art gave her what she needed, control. Originally she wanted to be an art therapist but fell in love with technology to make art come to life and interact with her audience. She has joined the Linx Chics to help her. SHe has made interactive sculpture and media.
She has her commission info with collections.

Michael Miller asked Nicole about something she has on her resume, the Torrance Art Museum. Nicole Casares said they are still looking for interns or volunteers and they work with your schedule, you just need to work 6 hours per month and you can apply online.
Michael Miller recommends we all take a trip to the Torrance Art Museum. Nicole says there is an exhibition called The Baker’s Dozen at the moment that displays art from different artists that don’t fit perfectly into a specific theme.

Topic 6: Club Banner

Ana Jimenez is showing the banners she made and she wanted us to vote on which we liked most.

Left had 3 votes and the Right had 7 votes.

Topic 7: Art Opportunities

Michael Miller told us that Café is where you can put your portfolio and resume and you can get opportunities to contacted or for you to reach out to galleries or other opportunities quickly and professionally. You need your portfolio to be in a PDF format.

Kevin Villatoro ended the meeting at 1:55pm.

Featured image is Hide and Seek 5-1 by Nicole Casares.


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