Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 4/27/17

Kevin Villatoro calls meeting to a start at 1pm.

Topic 1: College Night/Resource Faire

Kevin Villatoro, Ashley Glover, and Ana Jimenez worked at the table for our club and managed to recruit one new member for next semester. There was lots of free food at the event so this should be kept in mind for future college nights and resource fairs. We showed Kevin’s portfolio and his 2 aprons he plans to sell during the open house.

Topic 2: Student Show

Kevin Villatoro wants feedback on a price to charge for his aprons. Members suggest $6-8 for one aprong. He also requests that if anyone has any extra shirts to give them to him to make more aprons.

Yueying showed us some of the items she is making for the student show. She made mini purses with the back pockets of the jeans she received from the last club meeting and they look really cute! She wants help with sewing more of them.
Yueying Cao will be holding a sewing demo next club meeting. She is still collecting old jeans.

Topic 3: Frank Romero

Frank Romero is holding a presentation on Tuesday May 2 from 11:30 to 2pm.

Topic 4: CARE Club Talent Show and Artwalk

The CARE Club is hosting a talent show, artwalk, and banner contest this upcoming Friday starting at about 3pm. They will have free tables for artists to sell.

Topic 5: Student Show/Open House

The Virtual Reality club will be sharing a booth with us during the student show in the basement in room 1. Nicole Casares made the move for this motion and this was seconded by Jarno De Bar. 7 voted yes, 0 voted no. Motion passes.

Topic 6: Portfolio/Presentation [Ana Jimenez]

Ana Jimenez is presenting her portfolio and showing her progress and change over the past year to now. She has lots of doodles in her sketch books and many inktober sketches.
Nicole Casares recommends for her to scan her images for a better quality image. She also recommended the Cam Scanner app that make images appear to look scanned.

Kevin Villatoro ends the meeting at 2pm.

Featured image “It’s Been A While” by bmkad07 (Ana Jimenez) May 2017


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