Meeting Minutes 5/4/17

Kevin Villatoro starts meeting at 1:08pm.

Topic 1: Student Show/Open House

4 people will be selling at the Student Show/Open House.
Jarno De Bar suggest we present our portfolios on our tables during the Student Show/Open House.

Topic 2: Study Guides

Kevin Villatoro suggest we make study guides/how to’s/do’s and don’ts for our different majors/emphasis for the Fall semester. Include stuff like how to make a good portfolio for the specific major or career or school we want to get into.

Ashley Glover mentions that she has no experience at all with her portfolio to see how successful she is.

Michael Miller suggests/says to go to the events when the Art colleges come to look at our portfolios, you can ask any art faculty to look at your portfolio and give feedback, and apply to all open calls and galleries and see who wants you and what works, like Café. If someone asks you what to do refer them to the Studio 2 Street club and Margaret Lazzari’s book.
Professor Miller also says we should do more guerilla exhibits, Kansas City Art Institute and The School of Art Institute of Chicago will listen because they like how you just take the opportunity to put yourself out there. He suggests that we even do this without the club, just on our own. We could have our own exhibit every week if we want. He encourages us to do our own guerilla exhibit before next Thursday and post pictures of the results on the Facebook Page.

Topic 3: Inktober

Kevin Villatoro suggests we do this for our own club, one drawing a week. He is planning ahead for the fall semester. Members will draw one drawing a week and post it on the Facebook page and bring them in for the club meetings. By the end of inktober, which takes place during the entire month of October, we will make a gallery of the best drawings.

Topic 4: Update on 3d Modeling Design

Dani Cuevas showed us an update on the clothing design she showed us a couple months ago. She also reminded us that she likes to animate things exploding by showing us her explosive animation.
Her clothing project she is working on is pre-rendered and is in the animation phase. She is showing us her test animation which is 200 – 300 frames at 30 fps.
She downloaded a male catwalk animation because she planned on including weapons on her animation but she doesn’t have enough time to do that before the open house so she will change it for the open house and fix it later.
She added embroidery to the outfit she created.

Topic 5: Sewing Tutorial

Yueying Cao brought some of the extra jeans she was given a couple weeks ago and she has brought her sewing supplies to teach us some simple stitches.
She taught us the running stitch, backwards stitch, chain stitch, and blanket stitch.
She also taught us different ways to thread needles, tie knots on the thread, hiding the knots and tails, and knotting the end of a stitch.
Her demonstration was very clear and professional.

Kevin Villatoro ends the meeting at 2pm.

Featured Image by Yueying Cao.


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